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iCell-860 hematology analyzer

Product category: Auto Hematology Analyzer
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    iCell-860 hematology analyzer

    80 samples per hour

    Fully auto cap piercing sampler

    SRV innovative technology

    Sample Rotor Valve


    At the step of distributing sample, iCell-860 adopts the high accuracy SRV which usually used on 5 diff hematology analyzer. The rotor valve will separate the blood sample in the middle by rotating, thus to ensure the high accurate volume, which can also efficiently eliminate the bubbles in blood sample.

    Floater Volume Metering


    In volume metering, iCell-860 adopts two combined technology, i.e. floater and time monitor, thus to ensure the accuracy of measurement and calculation.

    Auto Loading


    Auto loading with 60 samples capacity without operator intervention. Rapidly finish large quantity samples, optimizing laboratory efficiency.

    Auto Mixing and Cap Piercing


    Auto mixing and cap piercing can avoid biohazard, ensure the operator safety.

    Auto Loading

    Throughput of 80 samples per hour without operator intervention

    Emergency Test

    Emergency test can be done any time just press E/Stop 


    Windows operating system. Large color LCD, display all parameters result with histogram of WBC,RBC and PLT.

    Testing System

    Reliable impedance theory and SRV technology to secure the results accuracy and stability.

    Structural feature

    The front panel & two side doors, very easy to do service.

    iCell-860 Auto Load Hematology Analyzer

    Technical Specification


    Principle: Electrical resistance for counting and photometric method for HGB.

    Throughput: More than 80 samples per hour

    Sampler capacity: 60 samples

    Test Mode: whole blood, prediluted blood and sampler closed blood.

    Clinical function: Three part-differ, 19 parameters+3 histograms

    Sample volume: sampler mode: whole blood 200μL  Manual mode: whole blood:200μL;  prediluted blood: 40μL

    Memory:3,5000 results with histograms


    Parameters                      Precision

    WBC (109/L)                    2.0%           

    RBC(1012/L)                     1.5%

    PLT (109/L)                      4.0%

    MCV (fL)                       0.5%

    HGB (g/dL)                     1.5%   

    Quality control methods: X-B, L-J map

    Calibration: Manual calibration and auto calibration

    Display screen: 10.4" TFT touch screen, can display fully result and three colorful histogram, 600x800 resolution ratio

    Alert: 25sets of alert message

    Input and output port: 2 USB port(Keyboard, Mouse),parallel,RS232 port(Can connect to internet), printing port

    Printing report: Graphic thermal printer with printing format, optional external printer

    Operating environment

    Temperature: 10-35℃


    Power: AC100-240V,60/50HZ,2A,SMPS



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