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iCubio Shines at CMEF 2014

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At the 71st CMEF during April 17th to 20th 2014 held in Shenzhen China, iCubio introduced the latest Innovation and attracted hundreds of visitors to its stand by showcasing the iMagic series Mini Auto Chemistry Analyzer for both human market and veterinary market. Highlighting its product development progress and reflecting its innovative culture and spirit.  Looking ahead, iCubio is focused on advancing its technology by increasing its R&D investment. iCubio strives to serve its customers with advanced technology that allows more people to live a healthy life.


iMagic series

This seris of instrument is the smallest auto chemistry analyzer in the world, it can be said the pefect replacement for semi-auto chemistry analyzer, best option for back up conventional chemistry analyzer and the most ideal choice for vet hospital, this instrument is our popular model since it was launched, and have installed more than 100 units at first year and received high reputation and appraisement.

The launch of iCubio’s high-end innovations has drawn much more attention from the medical industry during CMEF 2014, as a result from the integration of iCubio’s global research resources and the accumlation of its technogical development over the past years. Consolidated in the middle and low-end market, iCubio has been constantly attaching great importance to the needs of customers. With this faith and innovation, iCubio’s dream of “creation for wonderful life” is to be more widely achieved. 



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